E-Chip Software Installation
Please read all instructions carefully before installing
1. Click here to install the E-Chip software, drivers and manuals. This download also includes a sample spreadsheet for manipulating the data saved by the software.
If you have a USB chip reader dongle, do not connect it until prompted by the install program.

Chip System Manual
Chip Software Manual

Speacial Notes
Internet Explorer users: 
The install file will download to a default location (usually the desktop).  You may Run directly from the prompt or when the download is complete, click on the Open button.
 Firefox or other Mozilla users: 
The install file will download to the last folder you have downloaded to.
When the download is complete you will need to find this folder and open setup.exe that you have just downloaded. ]

Mac and Linux Users: Sorry, there is no Mac or Linux version of this software. Operation on a software virtual machine or WINE is not supported.

Windows Users.  64 bit versions of Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are now supported.  Server versions of Windows, IA64 versions and XP-64 are not supported.  Operation on a software virtual machine is not supported.  Installs on Windows Vista will require a reboot during the install.  It is necessary to be logged in to Windows as a user with Administrative rights both for the install and the first reboot in the case of Windows Vista.

2. Follow the on screen instructions

After installation, complete manuals for both the machine and the PC software may be found in the C:\EChip folder
The manuals are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.
If you do not already have the acrobat reader program installed, you may download it from adobe.com

Release Notes
Release is posted 10/22/15.
Adds install support for Windows10, no other changes.

Release is posted 1/28/15.

Adds install support for Windows 8.1, support for Windows 2000 removed.

Release is posted 5/6/13.
Adds support to install on Windows 8, no other changes.

Release is posted 8/27/12.
Corrects an issue where the software would incorrectly identify a chip as having time set in the future if the chip was immediately taken from an exercise machine to the PC.

Release is posted 8/16/12.

Adds installer messages to make updating easier on Window7 and Vista  Software functionality is the same as the previous version.

Release is posted 7/20/12.
Corrects a bug that prevents setting time on the time set key east of GMT and west of International date line  Software functionality is the same as the previous version.

Release is posted 7/28/11.
Adds support for 64 bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.  Software functionality is the same as the previous version.

Release is posted 3/16/11.
Improves chip rebuild function to deal with invalid model numbers.  Adds a time stamp to debug data.

Release is posted 2/17/11.
Cosmetic changes.  Readibility of error dialogs on the chip rebuild function is improved.

Release is posted 2/11/11.
Improvements to make detection of data with future dates more user friendly.  Improves detection of future data to reduce the number of rebuilds needed.

Release is posted 2/7/11.
This release adds detection of records on a chip dated in the future.  Rebuild now removes future records to make data logging function properly.

Release is posted 12/10/10.
Speed improvements on formatting of blank chips.

Release is posted 11/29/10.
Rebuild of corrupt chips automated.  Logging of corrupt chips automated.  Now functions correctly with a restricted Windows user.  A delete chip function is added to the index.  Documentation is updated to match newer software in the exercise machine.

Release 2.3.2.U is posted 4/29/10.
Adds a log file to the repair function.  No other changes.

Release 2.3.2.T is posted 4/21/10.
The repair chip function is dramatically improved in this release.  This release supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Release 2.3.2.S is posted 4/5/10.
This release adds a copy button to save raw contents of a chip for use by support.  Error reporting when writing to chips is improved.  This release supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Release 2.3.2.R is posted 3/4/10.
This release improves the look and feel of exercise numbers on FT machines and Iron weight on Rack machines.  This release now supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Release 2.3.2.Q is posted 1-25-10.
This release adds the ability to save seat settings on a per exercise basis. Firmware version 7.90 or newer is required in the exercise machine to make use of this feature. Contact Keiser Service for the availability of an upgrade to exercise machines with older firmware.

Release 2.3.2o is posted 7-2-09.
This release adds service diagnostics. It is functionally idethical to 2.3.2n.

Release 2.3.2n is posted 1-2-09.
This release provides support for Runner and Rack models, as well as updated documentation. Release 2.3.2m is posted on 11-21-08.
Fixes a problem with Windows Vista installs where some of the red data keys would not always read correctly, Windows XP and 2000 are not affected.

Release 2.3.2l is posted on 11-21-08.
Supports new time keys released in Oct of 08.Still supports the original black time keys. Includes a new manual supporting new time keys. Release package L was only released on CD shipped with new machines.

Release 2.3.2k is posted on 08-13-08.
This release resolves Windows Vista compatibility issue. No other changes.

Release 2.3.2j is posted on 11-13-07.
This release fixes a bug in the drivers for the USB chip reader. This changeaffects only the USB reader; the serial port chip reader is not affected. No other changes.

Release 2.3.2 is posted on 8-8-07.
This release fixes a bug that would cause the program to hang if a minimized window is clicked on. Titles of printed data are improved. This setup will not alter any existing data.

Release 2.3.1 is posted on 4-19-07.
This release makes printing the contents of the chip possible. It also addresses certain issues with internationalization and time that can be seen in rare circumstances. This setup program will update the software without altering any existing data.

Release 2.2.1 is posted on 2-3-06.
This release fixes a bug that will cause an 'Invalid floating point operation' to occur when the key is inserted under certain circumstances. Download and run the setup to update an existing Release 2.2 install or to preform a new install. Manuals are included in the install .

Release 2.2.2 is posted on 3-22-06.
This release fixes a error that affects the model 1131 leg extension only and then only the data related to the six rep test on that model.

Release 2.2.3 is posted on 3-28-06.
This release resolves the same error as 2.2.2 however for for model 1132.